I am a Malayali (a person who is from Kerala, India) who is in love with the state that I was born and bred in. Writing about the many reasons that made me fall in love with this beautiful piece of land helps me relive every beautiful memory I have of this place, its people and culture. If you love Kerala as much as I do or would simply like to know more or maybe visit, join me as I take you on a journey through its many routes , tastes, colors and emotions.

Kerala at a glance

Good things come in small packages, they say, and this tiny strip of land on the western coast of Southern India bears testimony to this adage. Flanked by the glimmering waters of the Arabian Sea on the west and the majestic, undulating mountains of the Western Ghats on the east, this sun kissed, rain washed land is a traveler’s delight.

Fourteen districts, each unique with respect to their cuisines, dialects, art forms and customs yet bound by a shared history and a common heritage. Geographically, Kerala is divided into hills and valleys, midland plains and coastal areas. Forty-four rivers contribute to its rich and varied flora and fauna, most of these rivers originate in the Western Ghats and flow into the Arabian Sea, beautifying the region through which they flow. The tea and spice covered hills of the Western Ghats, the endless backwaters straddled by paddy fields and coconut groves, the unending coastline, the spectacular sea and remnants from the colonial era, can all be found in one state that is approximately 600 kilometers long and 32-120 kilometers wide.

Apart from being bestowed with resplendent natural beauty, Kerala is also one of the states with a high literacy rate, low infant mortality rate, and high life expectancy.

Kerala is an unexplainable blend of the conservative and the progressive, where liberal, free thinkers walk hand in hand with those who hold parochial views about almost everything.  It is a place where matrilineality coexists with patriarchy. A place where people belonging to different religions enjoy each other’s company and celebrate their festivals like it is one’s own.  A state that truly embodies the spirit of ‘unity in diversity’ which India stands for.

Kerala is a land that preserves its rich culture and traditions – Ayurveda, one of the oldest systems of medicine is still practiced here. Temple festivals and snake boat races are guaranteed to dazzle you with a display of music and color that will reverberate through your mind even after you have left this state. When National Geographic Traveler magazine listed it as one of the ‘50 places of a lifetime’ it was rightly placed under the category of ‘Paradise Found’.

Welcome to God’s Own Country.


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