An elixir called the sea


There are those days when you wish you could just stay in bed and never have to put your feet down on the ground, those days when life seem to bog you down and every minute feels like an effort, when even though sleeping might seem like the solution, insomnia beckons, when no daily distraction seem to cheer that weary heart, I would say, go look at the sea.


If you decide to go in search of that elixir that can calm your mind and make you feel alive again, your search will end 16 kilometers away from Trivandrum with the first glimpse of the blue waters of Kovalam. For those of you who wonder why the ocean has a calming effect, here is a bit of trivia-the vast expanse of the ocean relaxes your mind because it is landmark free and one can perceive threats, if any, till the horizon. The sea waves are rhythmic and add to the relaxation that one feels.

Kovalam is frequented by tourists from around the globe especially between the months of November to Jan which is the tourist season (Dec to Jan first week is the peak tourist season with a hike in everything from the cost of food to room rates).
There are three beaches in Kovalam, the light house beach with its 35 meter lighthouse calling out to you from a rocky protuberance.
Eve’s beach, popularly known as Hawah’s beach (Malayalam for Eve is Hawah) and the not so frequented Samudra beach.

The coconut trees of Eve’s beach are replaced by shacks on Lighthouse beach. Shacks selling fresh seafood and cold beverages are exactly what one is looking for after a swim in the sea or a long walk on the beach. You can also find shops selling accessories, bags, footwear and clothes with interesting prints on it. If you have traveled to other tourist destinations in India like Gokarna (Karnataka), Hampi (Karnataka) or Goa, you will notice that all these shops sell very similar things from clothes to bags. It is interesting to note that this similarity seem to connect places that are not geographically very close.

I have enjoyed climbing up the steps leading to ‘German bakery’ and finding a table that overlooks the sea. Just sitting there with my feet up, with a cold drink in my hand and the waves breaking in front of me is the best stress buster.
For a different view of the ocean, you can climb the hundred odd steps leading to the top of the lighthouse. Apart from a magnificent view of the ocean and the coastline, one can also get a glimpse of the Vizhinjam fishing village from the top. The lighthouse is open in the evenings only.

Speed boat rides (during season) and catamaran rides into the sea are other activities that one can experience at Kovalam. If you feel like staying back, there are many resorts which offer a stunning view of the sea by the beach. It is always a good idea to do a little bit of research before heading down there and make advance bookings too if possible, so that you can choose a resort to your liking and not be disappointed.

So if you like to swim, surf or just want to sit there and feel that life is worth living, pack your bags and head to the ocean. It rarely lets you down.


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